Hi there,

IntoShadows is a blog about security, privacy and programming but not in the way your used to. Our privacy and liberties are slowly being eroded and we are slowly heading into a surveillance state where almost everything we do is being monitored and stored indefinitely. Add in things like IoT (Internet of Threats) as well as hostile AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the privacy problem only gets larger.

In many ways the legal system is not equipped to deal with these issues effectively because the people who make the laws usually either don't have a clue how technology works or deliberately want to pass laws that are harmful to privacy. Laws can also be subverted and undermined by three letter government agencies often in complete secrecy due to having their own secret courts and interpretation of laws.

For this reason, I believe we need technical solutions to these problems that actually protect people using things like math (encryption) rather than promises (politics).

The name IntoShadows is a reference to going dark, being private or in a state of no surveillance.

Anyway talking the talk is easy but what really matters is walking the walk. On this website you will find NONE of these:

  • Advertisements.
  • Flash or silverlight.
  • Malicious scripts such as trackers and fingerprinting scripts.
  • Social media junk.

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snapper26 at intoshadows dot com

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