There have been many great inventions in history that have changed the world as we know it such as the telephone, television, personal computer and even the internet itself which has given every person their own voice in a world who's views have mostly been controlled by the banking elite and corporate media.

I personally believe that Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies are just as important invention as the internet itself, perhaps even more important due to money being the most important thing in our lives. For centuries the banks have had absolute control over the creation and distribution of money. For a long time these bankers have inflated our currencies and made them worthless over time, as well as financing a lot of wars in the past and profiting from some of the worlds biggest financial disasters. For many people in the western world cryptocurrencies are a fun investment to joke about and get rich. For many people in the third world cryptocurrencies are a lifeline and a defence against massive hyperinflation ( theft ). The truth is that most people do not even begin to even comprehend the enormity of cryptocurrency and its potential to change our world in almost every way that matters.

What about banks?

Well it should be no surprise to anyone that banks are some of the biggest opponents of cryptocurrencies. This is because banks relish the power they have over the people by virtue of debt and violence. Central banks enjoy the privilege of printing as much money as they want, funding and profiting from wars as well as influencing political campaigns to 'buy' election outcomes. They also enjoy being able to know who you are and how you can use your money by virtue of draconian rules such KYC ( Know Your Customer ), AML ( Anti Money Laundering ) and CTF ( Counter Terrorism Financing ). Cryptocurrencies do not allow them to effectively engage in any of these activities and for this reason are a huge threat to their fraudulent existence.

The promise of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency promises many things which include the ability to send money around the world near instantly with little or no fees. Your money cannot be frozen or confiscated by governments or banks and your money is protected against inflation due to mathematical restraints on the amount of coins that can be in circulation for any given cryptocurrency. But most importantly of all cryptocurrency gives ordinary individuals the power to do extraordinary things. It does this by returning to them what is rightfully theirs, control over their money and their future, something they have never experienced with the current banking system. I anticipate cryptocurrency being even bigger than the internet itself. I also anticipate governments and banks in the future doing everything they can to stop the promise of cryptocurrency from achieving it's goal as their empire of war and debt is slowly crushed under it's own weight.